Saturday, February 7, 2015

PS118 – Taiwan’s Newest Motovlogger

I've discovered a new Motovlogger.  Well, let’s be fair I didn't discover him, I've known him for a while. It’s just that he just recently started motovlogging.  So what is motovlogging? 

It is a rather new art form.  Currently, the most highly watched motovlogger is Mordeth13, more commonly known as M13.  He rides through Taiwan and records his thoughts on a wide range of subjects, all while filming through his helmet.  Recently, M13 had a terrible accident in Hualien and will be laid up for several more months.  I’m sure, though, when he gets back on His feet, he’ll begin vlogging again. 

The new motovlogger that I want to write about today is called PS118.  He’s a motorcycle blogger that uses a little different twist.  On Tuesdays he uploads a video about driving a scooter in Taiwan.  So far all of these videos have been instructional in nature.

In his first “scooter tutorial” he explains the two-point left turn that is required at many intersections in Taiwan.  In heavily trafficked intersections where there are multiple lanes, there is a blue sign directing scooters to make a two-point turn.  In the intersection itself there is a small box, in front of the crosswalk where you pull your scooter in and wait for the light to change.   If you follow this rule you can avoid some serious scooter squishing.

The interesting thing is that this rule seems to be pretty effectively enforced which, is unusual for traffic violations in Taoyuan City.  The police seem to have this method of enforcement where they pick a traffic rule and enforce it for a month, then move on to another rule.  However, I often see police officers about a half block from the intersection with a video camera filming people violating the two-point turn rule and then waving them over and ticketing them.

I, of course, strictly obey all traffic laws.  I have no desire to die in the street.  Okay, so I went off and talked about driving a scooter in Taiwan and didn't mention the “different twist.” 

What makes him different begins with his channel name PS 118.  This is a reference to Psalm 118 in the Bible.  On Fridays, instead of a scooter riding tutorial He uploads a devotional.  In other words, he discusses a specific passage of scripture and tells us how it applies to his life.  He’s only just begun but his intention is to be faithful to do these weekly. His first shot at this is a devotional on Jesus’ walking on the water.  He analyzes what is happening from a spiritual perspective and them makes it personal by relating it to his own life. 

I have to applaud him on what he’s trying to do.  When I first came to Taiwan, there were things I didn’t understand about riding a scooter, here.  I figured it out on my own, but I believe that what he’s doing is helpful, to visitors or newcomers from other countries.  It is also refreshing to hear someone unabashedly put out what they believe on YouTube. 

The nature of YouTube comments makes putting your beliefs out there, sort of dangerous.  Whatever your beliefs are about anything.  If you have an opinion there is a troll out there somewhere ready and waiting to tell you your stupid, among other things.

So check out PS 118.  Taiwan’s newest Motovlogger.

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