Thursday, October 4, 2012

Struggling through the Murk!

This is for all those looking for Taiwan flag pictures

I have been writing the Taiwan Adventure Blog (TWA) for about three years now.  I began in August of 2009.  For much of that time it’s been a pleasure to write it and document what I’ve seen and done in Taiwan.  The photos and writings will make wonderful memories at the end of this journey.  Who knows when it will all end?

I have grown to love Taiwan and its people.  I think it is a beautiful place once you leave the city, although, many of the cities are spectacular.  I believe that Taipei rivals San Francisco in its beauty, personality and quirkiness.  That’s one of the things I like about Shu Flies and Vagabond in Taiwan, the detail about little places you find in back street neighborhoods, throughout Taipei.

Taiwan has many more exciting things to see and places to go and for me, most importantly, foods to eat.  I’m not through with the idea of continuing to explore Taiwan.  I’m still excited about Taiwan and its possibilities for my calling and me.  I don’t mention my calling much in TWA, it never seems to come up, really.  I came to Taiwan for a specific reason, and that is to win souls to Christ.  I’m a missionary.  The Door Christian Fellowship in Colton, CA launched me into this nation.  I’m part of a fellowship that has more than 1500 churches in more 100 nations. 

And for those looking for M13 Pictures
I’m not ashamed of that, in fact, I’m proud of my mission and purpose in this place.  I have a website for the church,  The church is located in Taoyuan City and all the details are listed on that website. 

I have been writing TWA for a number of reasons. Mostly, as a way of relaxing.  It’s like an occasional game of golf or racquetball; a way to allow my thoughts a fallow season.  It’s interesting but when you’re faced with a job of some sort, sometimes by thinking of other things you can free your mind to engage the details of a situation.  I can be more creative on the job if I’m creative off the job.  At least that’s been the case.

But now I’m feeling a certain ambivalence toward this blog.  Last year at this time I was looking forward to writing, and engaging people around the world each week.  This year, not so much, I’m really struggling to write.  It’s not a writer’s block, it’s a motivation block. 

The reason I say that is that I have several ideas for other writing projects.  I have a couple of non-fiction Biblically oriented books that I’d like to write.  One I’ve started but have left off on working on, the other is in the germination mode.  I would also like to write a novel.  It’s a historical, science fiction, political thriller.  Well, it will be if I can pull it off.  That, by the way, is the big question because in reading other blogs, I’ve discovered that I’m not really all that good a writer.  It may take a lot more time than I’m willing to invest to write anything, we’ll have to see how that goes.

So, looking at this and thinking about my readers, you’re probably wondering why I’m sharing all this.  Believe it or not I have a reason.

This year, I have been enduring a struggle unlike any others I've faced in life, and I've had a few to be sure.  So, in struggling through this I have begun to prioritize my life.  In arranging priorities some hierarchies become obvious.  At the top of the priorities are my family and my calling.  These are the two most important things in my life.  I love my family above all earthly things.  I also am committed and still excited about my calling, I want to serve God and people.  Those are the easy ones.  Other things are a bit murky.  I don’t know anymore where TWA fits into my priorities.

On the one hand it’s enjoyable to write just for me.  I usually enjoy the time I spend on it.  There is value in doing something just for yourself.  I get that.  I’ve met people and done things I never thought I’d meet or do.  But I’m geared toward making an impact and I really wonder if that’s happening with this blog.

So I’m wondering if this is even worth continuing.  I think I will put the Taiwan Adventure Blog on hiatus for a while.  If I can’t come up with a compelling reason to start writing it again then the hiatus will more than likely be permanent.  I've actually been thinking about this for some time. If you have an opinion you want to share feel free. 

PS The Tea Blog and Taiwan Gongfu Tea are on permanent hiatus already.  The Church website and the Standing Stones Sermon Blog will continue.