Interesting Links

Christian Fellowship Ministries

The Door Christian Fellowship Church Fontana, CA
Pastor Mike Gomez

The Door Christian Fellowship, Los Angeles, CA
Pastor John Jurenec

The Door Christian Fellowship, Redondo Beach, CA
Pastor Bruce Callahan

The Door Christian Fellowship, Tuscon, AZ
Pastor Harold Warner

The Door Christian Fellowship, Upland CA
Pastor Wayne Pelren

Artio Partners
This company prepares US tax returns for American expats is a teaching job portal helping connect ESL professionals seeking teaching jobs in Korea, Taiwan, China, Japan and Southeast Asia.

Ken and Janet's leap of faith
A friend of mine from high school who has joined the expat club.  She and her husband moved to India for business reasons.

International Evangelist Marty Carnegie
Information on recent revivals and events in Marty's world.

The Bard and the Bears
A Mogol Rally team at U. C. Berkeley competing for Children's Hospital of Orange County.  This is their blog, where you can support them.

Taiwanderful Blog
Taiwanderful is an English community website about Taiwan and Taiwanese culture, providing useful information in English for anybody living or traveling in Taiwan.

Taiwanderful's Taiwan Blog List
Taiwanderful's list of English language Blogs in Taiwan.  There are blogs for every interest from politics to personal pages.

Taiwan Bloggers. com
Roundup of English Bloggers in Taiwan. The "Taiwan Adventure Blog" has been a featured blog on Taiwan

Taiwan Hotels Taipei
Your on-line guide to find and book hotels in Taipei!

Taxes for Expats
This company prepares US tax returns for American Expats.

Mordeth 13 Two Wheeled Adventure Tours
Tours of Taiwan by the inimitable M13, tour the island on motor scooters.

We Blog The World
We blog the World provides a number of bloggers, on culture, travel, ideas and the world.

Go! Overseas
A Travel blog that explores leaving your home country to travel, teach, study and intern abroad.  They have a list of Top Taiwan Blogs, as well

Ed Kidwell, Missionary, Bangkok, Thailand
Pioneering in Bangkok, Thailand for Christian Fellowship Ministries.

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