Thursday, December 20, 2012

North Coast Taiwan - Shi Tou Shan

On a recent outing to the north coast of Taiwan we visited Shi Tou Shan Park.  This scenic area is located mostly in the cliffs above the ocean.  My kids went on a hike with some friends that we went with.  For me, who is full time in a wheelchair it was impossible.  There were many stairs and difficulties for wheelchairs.  Much of Taiwan is changing and we are seeing a greater number of accessible places.  Fortunately, I don’t have a real life and live vicariously through my children’s lives.  So, they took some beautiful pictures and told me what I was looking at. 

One of the features of this area is couple of small islets.  The official name is the Candlestick Islands.  At one time, in the mists of the pasts these small matching islands were a part of the Jinshan coast.  But thanks to erosion they were separated and were actually an arch out in the sea.  But then the arch collapsed and left these the Twin Candlesticks.  The local people used to call them the “Husband and Wife Rocks,” but the official officials changed the name to the Twin Candlesticks.  

Photos by Emily Banducci