Saturday, May 27, 2017

More Than an Hour at Sun Moon Lake

I have a lot of trouble traveling in Taiwan.  It’s not for reasons that you would think.  It’s not because I can’t read the highway signs.  It’s not because I can’t sit comfortably in a car for long periods.  It’s not because I can’t read maps or understand the GPS.  It’s not for any of those reasons.  I have a hard time traveling because my schedule doesn’t really permit it.

I’m a pastor and guess what…Sunday is always just around the corner.  Between writing two sermons and a Bible study each week, my own personal studies, outreach, preaching, teaching, two blogs and all the other things that come up, I don’t have much time to hang out.  If where I want to go is more than a day trip away, I’m not often able to go.

For example, we have always wanted to go to Taroko Gorge.  It’s probably one of the most beautiful places on the planet.  If you’re an American, it compares favorably to Yosemite.  It is gorgeous.  I’ve been there once; I spent about an hour there. 

A friend had had an accident in Hualien and was stuck in the hospital there.  My wife and I left on a Tuesday night to go visit him.  Hualien is about four and a half hours from Taoyuan City.  We got there and visited for a while and stayed in a hotel.  I had to be in Taoyuan the next day before noon, so we got up early and drove to Taroko Gorge.  It was about twenty minutes from the hospital.  We drove a half hour into the gorge and turned around and drove back out.  For my sixtieth birthday though, my family and I took two days off and went to Sun Moon Lake

Sun Moon Lake is located in about the center of the island.  It’s the largest body of freshwater in Taiwan.  The scenery is spectacular.  The temperature is cool.  It’s also a relaxing resort type atmosphere.

The main entrance to the lake is Yuchi Township in Nantou County.  I’ll include a Google map at the end so you can find it.  We stayed At the Tanhui Hotel, an inexpensive hotel across the street from the lake.  We could see the lake from our hotel if we looked through the glass of the hotel across the street.  The room was very inexpensive.  It was set up for four people, (Our daughters came along with us.).  The hotel served breakfast of eggs and cooked lunchmeat.  We weren’t really expecting much for what we paid.  The staff was nice and friendly; the room was clean although I could only face one way in my wheelchair.  I had to go out into the hall to turn around, but hey, it was a good way to meet my fellow travelers.  On the whole I’d recommend the hotel if you are just looking for inexpensive. 

The lake was beautiful:  Soaring mountains, cool breezes and fresh air; all things that can be difficult to find in summertime Taiwan.  The locals are mostly aboriginal and very nice and friendly.  The only thing that was a letdown was that we went to dinner about eight and had a difficult time finding any place to eat.  We ended up eating street food from a small night market. 

The highlight of the trip was a boat ride across the lake.  These guys lifted my wheelchair onto the boat and we powered across the lake to three locations.  We could get off at any of the stops and explore.  The place we stopped had a tram that went up over the mountain.  I don’t ride on things like that for reasons that I cannot reveal, but it has to do with mountaineering and hanging around.  That sentence seems sufficiently vague.  So, if you’re adventurous you can take the ride over the mountain and discover something.  I can’t have all the fun. 

I’m certainly glad that my family arranged this trip.  It was well worth the extra work to get caught up, we went on a Monday and stayed over night, but guess what…Sunday was just around the corner.

Photo Source:  Tanhui Hotel: 
All other photos:  Elizabeth Banducci

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