Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Taiwan Adventure on the Voice of Asia

Radio Taiwan International was started in 1928 by the government of the Republic of China to be the Central Broadcasting System (CBS) in Nanjing, Mainland China When the Japanese invaded in 1937, CBS moved to Hankou, then to Chongqing following the ROC government.  At the end of World War 2 the radio station went back Nanjing and four years later Radio Taiwan International moved to Taipei, Taiwan along with the ROC government.

Today RTI broadcasts in 13 languages to 122 countries, it is one of the oldest radio stations operating, broadcasting news and other programs. RTI provides opportunities for listeners around the world to become acquainted with Taiwan.  RTI is also called the Voice of Asia.

Natalie Tso
Recently, Natalie Tso, the host of Taiwan Today, interviewed me on the Taiwan Adventure Blog’s recent Taiwan’s Best Blog Award for 2011.   I appreciate Natalie for allowing me an opportunity to bore her listeners. 

Natalie is also from California, an American born Chinese, was educated at Columbia University and began her radio broadcasting career in 1993.  She is also a published author.  Her books include Free to be you:  A Woman’s Guide to Dreams, Love and Self Discovery and Free to Love.  She is also a contributor to TIME magazine. Writing articles on Taiwan.  

The following is the audio from our interview.  Thank you, Natalie for this opportunity.
Natalie Tso Photo:

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