Friday, December 2, 2011

Taiwanderful - Taiwan Best Blogs 2011

Local Color:  The Colors of Yingge

Ah, the month of December.  December is a good month for me, usually.  It’s Christmas month.  The weather is starting to get colder.  The rain is starting to fall a little more often.  During December I’m glad I’m in Taiwan and not some frozen white place in North America.

But not only is this Christmas time and wintertime, it is also time for the Annual Taiwan Best Blog contest and once again the Taiwan Adventure is participating.

Last year, we finished eighth in the popular vote for our category, but I think our performance has been enhanced this year.  The blog seems a little more professional and has a lot more readership.  I’ll start crunching numbers for the Pathetical Analyticals post for 2011, pretty soon.  That’s the way to really tell if we’ve improved. Of course, after last year efforts we can only get better.

Eating My Way Through Taiwan:  The Stink of Adventure
One of the many good things that have happened to us this year is that we have become a "Featured Blogger," for We Blog the World.  This is a fantastic opportunity for us.  Readership has skyrocketed to about 3,000 readers a month.  Many of the other blogs may think this is a small amount but we actually improved from an average of 1,090 readers/month to 3,000 readers per month. From 1,764 unique visitors to 10,463. 

The nice thing about the Taiwan Adventure is the diversity of posts.  They range from Taiwanese Traditions to Traveling with M13 to Eating My Way Through Taiwan.

Some posts you may want to check out:

So how do you vote?  Here’s a link: Taiwan's Best Blogs Contest just put an 'x' in the square next to The Taiwan Adventure Blog.

Traveling with M13:  Custom Scooters of Taiwan
Voting begins on December 11th and runs through the 30th. You can vote once a day for as many blogs as you like.  There are a number of excellent, informative and fun blogs and I would encourage you to browse around a little and vote for some of the others that you like as well.

Some of the other excellent blogs featured on Taiwanderful:
Random Asianess:  Oh Sure, Now We Decorate

Taiwanese Traditions:  The Dragon Boat Festival
The Daily Bubble Tea
David On Formosa
Bamboo Butterfly
The Wild East
My Kafkaesque life

Vote as often as you like.  Thanks for stopping by the 
The Taiwan Adventure.  Please Vote!!  Chris

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