Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Taiwanese Spirit: Dream Rangers

Commercials are usually designed to inlfuence people to a product or a service that can be purchased.  All commercials are designed to attract as great a following for the product or service as possible.  Think about this, if you are going to invest your money in a specific advertising program, you want the largest return for your investment possible.  So in order to appeal to the largest audience commercials attempt to tap into the culture of a people. 

This commercial, I think, shows the spirit of the people of Taiwan and judging by the affect that it had on me I think it speaks to something that is universal:  Something that isn't tied to culture or upbringing or national character but is inherent in people.  It has the same broad appeal that the Nike Commercial, "Jiust Do It "  had in the US, when it was launched.

Many times when we're faced with struggle and suffering we have a tendency to give up.  We let our aches and pains get in the way of living life.  When that happens life stops being an adventure, and often becomes a burden.  Life stops being something that you want to get up for in the morning.  Sometimes we end up being ready to be buried and we're not even dead yet. 

This commercial is a reminder of what makes life worth living.  It is a reminder of what makes the human spirit such a powerful force.  In the face of world events, especially the tsunami in Japan, this commercial reminds us that circumstances cannot limit the human spirit...UNLESS WE LET IT.  I believe the people of Japan will rise from this crisis. 

Thanks to drifter091 for the use of this video.  He's changed the music, but it's even better than the original
here's a link to his Youtube channel

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  1. Hi Pastor Chris,

    An wonderful article which reminds me of the movie of the bucket list and inspires me to think what life is to be!