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Pathetical Analyticals: Blog Statistics for 2010

Taiwan Travelogue Part 2 11/28/2010
 A number of years ago a man I'd just met told me, “You’re so analytical it’s pathetic, I bet you have all your socks lined up in the drawer in a certain way…just right.” Just to show you how bad it really is, my immediate reaction was "Of course, is that weird?” But I have to tell you, he absolutely nailed me. One of my great delights is analysis.

One of the things I really enjoy doing is tracking statistics for everything. So, since we are nearing the end of 2010, I want to present the statistics for the Taiwan Adventure Blog (the Blog). The Blog is one year and five months old, but I have only been tracking stats since July of 2010, about six months.

Here are the results:


Traveling with M13: The Return 9/13/10
 Since July there have been 1,754 unique visitors to the blog. A unique visitor is an individual IP Address. This is registered the first time an IP Address shows up. The next time that IP Address shows up it isn’t counted. The total number of visits to the blog since July is 3,889 or an average of 2.2 visits per unique visitor. However, some people are regular visitors and others are one-time hits, so the value of this number is negligible, it’s just cool. People have visited the Blog from fifty-two different countries. The United States and Taiwan provide highest number of visitors with 1,188 and 1,141 respectively. Canada is a distant third with 109, and it all goes down hill from there. In the US, California, Arizona and Texas provide the most visitors. For the month of December, California had 44 unique visitors, Arizona had 14 and Texas 10. There were a number where the IP Address couldn’t be tracked to a particular state. These may have been mobile devices like a smart phone. December has averaged 36.35 visits per day.


Blog Listings: The Blog is listed on three websites that list Taiwan blogs.

Taiwan Bloggers – www.taiwanblogs.blogspot.com. This blog site lists English language blogs written about Taiwan. They range from personal blogs to political blogs and all other categories in between.

Life is Taiwanderful – www.taiwanderful.net. This is travel and information blog based in Taiwan that posts a lot of information about Taiwanese life, culture and politics, as well as other things. It has a list of Taiwan Blogs and hosts the "Best Taiwan Blog" competition, of which the The Taiwan Adventure, was a participant this year.

Expat Blogs – This website lists blogs from all over the world in an effort to give information to those who would be moving to a particular country as an expatriate.

Traveling with M13 5/24/10
 Each of these provides many visitors to the blog. Taiwanderful has provided 87 unique visitors since November when I added myself to their list, whereas Taiwan Blogs has provided 24 visitors since October. The Expat blogs listing has provided 18 visitors since last week when we were added to that web listing site. One reason for the larger number of visitors from Taiwanderful is probably due the Taiwan’s Best Blog competition. In the last week Expat blogs has been the largest provider of visitors from any source.

Other sources: I have registered the Blog with all search engines. Since July Google has resulted in 803 unique visitors to the Blog. This can be broken down by country to a certain extent as well

Google.com – 529
Google.au – 66 Australia
Google.ca – 66 Canada
Google.com.tw – 64 Taiwan
Google.uk – 56 United Kingdom
Google.ph – 42 Philippines

Overlooking Taoyuan City  4/15/10
 The most popular search keywords are: Dragon Boats, Taiwanese Traditions, Chris Banducci and Mordeth 13. Dragon Boats and Taiwanese Traditions often mean the same thing, people interested in the Dragon Boat Races or Zongzi.

I also post on Facebook every time there is a new post on the Blog. Facebook has resulted in 126 visits to the Blog since July.

Incoming Links: One way in which blogs measure authority is through the number of external sites pointing to the blog's domain. In other words the number of other sites that have some kind of link to a particular blog or website. The number of external websites with links leading to the Taiwan Adventure Blog is 191. The Blog is a relatively new blog, so as it ages and more people pick up links to the blog this number will increase.

Local Color: Temples of Taoyuan 10/1/10
The link can be anything where the link  is used,.for example a photo or publishing credit or just a link to the blog.

Popular Posts:

I find this very interesting I have done a number of fairly popular posts. I usually use a special heading depending on what the post is about:

Cultural Unawareness – Where I make language or cultural mistakes
Eating my Way Through Taiwan – Different Taiwanese foods that I’ve tried
Random Asianess – Things that are done differently in Asia than in the west
Taiwan Travelogue – This is relatively new but relates to Traveling
Taiwanese History – This is self-explanatory
Taiwanese Traditions – A look at religious and cultural traditions peculiar to Taiwan
Traveling with M13 – Locations that You Tube Vlogger Mordeth 13 has shared with me.

By far the most popular post to date has been, “Taiwanese Traditions: The Dragon Boat Festival" – 6/21/2010.  621 views since July.

"Typhoon Conson: Here it Comes" – 7/13/2010.  158 views since it was published

"An American Presence: What I don’t Miss in Taiwan" – 10/1/2010.  57 views since it was published.

Taiwan Travelogue: Taipei 101 11/22/10

Other popular posts are:
Cultural Unawareness – 5/10/2010 Taiwanese Traditions: Ghost Month – 8/29/2010
Taiwanese Traditions: Selling and Brewing Tea – 12/06/2010
Overlooking Taoyuan City – 4/15/2010
Storm Chasers: Driving into the Belly of the Beast – 9/20/2010

I appreciate all of you who have read The Taiwan Adventure Blog for the last year and look forward to new and different material for the next year. I also want to thank Emily and Elizabeth Banducci for their contributions to the Blog in photos and video. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Look for some format changes in the next year.

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