Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Potter's House, Taoyuan: The British Invasion of Taiwan

The last three weeks I have been very busy with the British Invasion of Taiwan. You’re not going to read about this in the Drudge Report or see it on the news. In fact, I’m probably your only source of news on this event. The British have invaded Taiwan.

A team of Gospel Commandos from South London arrived at Chiang Kai Shek International Airport on Tuesday March 16. These people had paid their own way to travel to Taiwan in support of the Taoyuan City church. We had a busy schedule planned and intended to maximize their investment by reaching as many people as possible with the Gospel.

Wednesday morning we met for prayer and then went to the Traditional market where we outreached for several hours for the regular coffee shop and the revival that was planned for the weekend. The outreach proved to be successful as we saw visitors at the coffee house that came from the outreach.Pastor Peter Ajala taught English Wednesday night and ministered from the Bible a lesson on the parable of the soils. Four people prayed to receive Jesus that night.

The following day we met on the streets of Downtown Taoyuan in the evening for an open-air street meeting. We sang Praise and Worship songs to establish dominion and street preached gave testimonies and witnessed one-on-one in the streets. We saw 7 decisions for Jesus that night.

Friday afternoon, we were in the streets again for one-on-one witnessing and outreaching for the revival. Friday night we saw visitors and Pastor Ajala preached and we saw people getting saved.

Saturday, the Zhongli church joined us for street drama and preaching in the downtown area. One drama where the devil weighed down a victim with various sins, until Jesus showed up and took the burden on himself, literally stopped traffic in the street.
One man, who had gotten saved on Wednesday at the coffee house, joined us to outreach on Saturday.

Sunday, the revival wrapped up and the team after a day of rest left to go home. This was a huge boost for the church as we gained momentum and eagerly planned for our own street dramas and music groups. In all 26 people gave their lives to Jesus in this week and we have seen some of them return to church on their own this week. Thanks to Pastor Ajala and his team for their investment in our city and our congregation. What a blessing to be part of a fellowship where churches will partner together. We have big plans for their return November 2011.

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